These two pictures are copies of my desk right before school started.  The binder is my lesson plan book and the clipboard has my checklist and students transportation list so I knew how they were all getting home!

This is another shot of my desk.  I added a rolling computer table to the right of the desk.  On the rolling desk I have the student handbooks, a basket of small spiral notebooks (for reading conferences). Underneath the rolling cart I have my student portfolios.



This is the student's seats.  I just wrote names on sheets of tag board.  On the opposite side of the tag board is a name of a student from the other class I teach. On their tables are a letter from me and an activity sheet.  The permanent markers are for labeling their supplies.

This is the carpet area where we meet for read aloud, reading and writing mini lessons.  I use the easel all the time and the card is my rolling reading cart.  The carpet is right in front of my desk.



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