Tips for Teaching Reading

Here I have tried to brainstorm all the things that I do to make teaching Reading easier, for the students and the teacher.  Please email me if you have any tips you would like to add to this list!  You will get credit!.

        I do not have a "reading table."  I find it takes up too much room- and too much time to get everyone to the table.  Instead I have students move at the beginning of reading class to the different meeting areas in my room.  I then move to each group.  This saves a BUNCH of time.


     I keep a clip board with a sheet of labels (like Avery labels for your printer).  Whenever I sit and read with a student I jot down notes.  Then when I have spare time I peel the label off and stick it in my students file that I keep.



     I have a reading cart.  This is actually a kitchen cart that I bought from Target or Wal-Mart.  It has three wire shelves and it is on wheels.  On the top shelf I have my reading tub with all my notes, lesson plans, pens, dry erase markers, E-Z Readers, clip board for notes, etc.  The next shelf are any sets of books that we will use in groups.  On the bottom shelf I have dry erase boards to use in groups.  Whenever I move to a group I wheel my little cart with me!


Normally I have the cart more organized- but this was taken during the summer so please forgive the mess!


      Each group ( I have four usually) has a reading basket.  These are plastic magazine holders that have the groups labeled.  in the basket they keep their guided reading books and a folder to hold any work we use in reading.  Next year students will also include a spiral notebook so all activities we write will be in the same place.  One student is responsible for getting the basket daily.  I usually just let the kids decide who will remember to do it!




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