I have tried to brainstorm all of the reading activites I have heard from other teachers, or trainings.  Most of the ideas are NOT ones I have come up with so I can not take any of the credit! 

I hope these are helpful.  I try to "switch things up" in  reading groups so students don't get bored but it can be hard after a long day to come up with fresh ideas.

I actually used most of these activities when I taught fourth grade.  Since many of the activities required writing, which can be a slow and laborious process for a second grader, I either did not some of these or did them orally.




Before Reading Activities

During Reading Activities

After Reading Activities

Links to Other Reading Ideas



Before Reading Activities

Word Sort

Tell Me A Story

KWL chart

T Chart of Questions

Power Point Presentation


Anticipation Guide

Picture Talk

Story Wheel

Probable Story Passages

Activating Prior Knowledge with "Brain Folders"

Give One Get One


Printable version of these strategies in PDF


During Reading Activities

Graphic Organizers


Quick Draw

Pick A Card, Any Card

Read My Mind

Wikki Stick Windows

Fat and Skinny Questions

Think Marks

Different Types of  Vocabulary Activities

Where Am I?

Irregular Fold Response

Whiteboard Retelling

Questioning Bookmarks

Printable version of these strategies in PDF

After Reading Activities

Wikki Stick Windows

Create a Comic Strip

Draw a Favorite Picture

Important Poem

Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then, Finally Summary Method




Links to Other Reading Actvities




This is a great link.  See the buttons at the tops of the page for examples of before, during and after activities.



I loved this site!  it has tons of before, during and after reading activities.  Make sure to check out the links in the column on the left to find other activities!



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