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I have had several people contact me with questions on how I create and maintain my site.  Most people say they would like to have a website, but have minimal computer skills or don't know where to start.  I have really spend a great deal of thought on how I could help people create their own websites, but have not be successfully able to come up with an easy or user friendly way.

I have, however, finally come up with a solution.  This weekend after playing around I managed to create a website with Yahoo! Geocities.  It was much more complex than I realized and I thought people who are not familiar with web design may have difficulty.  It occurred to me that since I was familiar with web design and Geocities, I could create websites for people.

I would create a Yahoo account and ID for any persons interested. Then based upon the individual needs and interests I would build a site for an individual.  However, I have NO INTEREST in becoming a webmaster. The site I create will be static ( I am willing to set up pages, but I am not willing to maintain or update the site).  After the initial setup, I will turn over the ID and password to the owner.  Any changes made to the site after this time will need to be made by the owner.

Here is an example site that I created in Geocities today.

I know that some people charge for this service, but I am not comfortable with receiving money.  In exchange for creating the site all I would ask is a donation from my Amazon wish list.  My wish list can be found by searching with my email address,

In order to offer this service, these terms will be in place:

  • No more than 5 web pages will be created (the example site above uses 2)

  • The teacher is responsible for writing exactly what they want to appear on the site

  • All sites will be created for classroom, not personal use

  • I am not legal held responsible for anything that pertains to the created website

  • I will not post or take part in any illegal activities

  • I will not post or be affiliated with any materials that violate copyright or contain adult material

  • Site will be created in a reasonable amount of time.  If am unable to create the site I will let you know as soon as possible and will refund any books purchased.

If you agree with the terms above and are interested please click here.

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